Success Project

Chapter 2: Employability One of the main goals of the SUCSESS project is to increase the employability of graduates in South Africa. Being employable is not only about getting a job after graduation because a certain skill or level of technical proficiency has been mastered, rather, it also requires an understanding of the world of work and what is needed to be successful in the chosen occupation. Employability further depends on personal attributes such as the ability to adapt successfully in a whole range of settings that may vary from individual to individual. Employability is an ongoing process for now and in the future, the success of which benefits the individual, the workforce, the community and the economy (Yorke, 2006). In addition, Walker and Fongwa (2017) argue that employability should cover more than just the options of entering a workplace and contributing to human capital and economic growth but should also include values like ethics and concerns for inequality and poverty. These values can be enhanced at universities when working with contemporary learning methods through collaboration between people of different backgrounds. This section of the handbook looks at the changing landscape of the jobs market, the industry perspective and the kinds of skills graduates need in order to enter the workplace in the future. 13