Success Project

Within the SUSCESS project, pilot studies have taken place utilising the WIE approach. The COVID19 pandemic necessitated the move to online learning and created a new innovative environment for WIE projects. By making use of the new online experience of students and employers, the SUSCESS project team developed a hybrid approach utilising the experience of working with an employer/business partner via a virtual collaboration. In so doing, some of the barriers to work experiences for South African students noted above were overcome. In addition, the new approach created an experience that was available to a number of students at the same time, thus increasing the efficiency of the resources allocated by the University and the employer. The experience of the SUSCESS project in this area identified the need for a structured approach. A four-step model has been developed and trialled with considerable success in a South African context. Prepare students and industry partners for the WIE environment by providing them with information on what is expected from all parties involved, dates and times, dress code, attitude, resume writing, interview skills, business practices, business communication, workplace confidence and WIE assessment. Prepare WIE activities by liaising with industry partners and lecturers on how content can be linked. Examples of WIE activities include guest lectures, internship placements, site visits, simulations and industry-based case studies. Mentor students by monitoring their performance and ensuring that all aspects of the WIE programme are covered. Ensure that all record keeping is being done effectively and assessments are submitted. Reflect on WIE experiences by arranging feedback sessions with students and industry partners. This is of particular importance so that students understand the nature and value of their Work Integrated Learning experiences and embed them into their future learning. The key steps identified are as follows: For more detailed guidance and information on the implementation of WIE practices in a South African context, please refer to the Airbnb Entrepreneurship Academy case study in chapter 6 of this handbook. In particular, this case study shows how the experiences of online learning can be adapted to create new opportunities for WIE. 22