Success Project

Chapter 1: The Purpose of the Handbook This handbook is intended to be a practical guide for lecturers in South African universities for introducing new pedagogies and technologies into their teaching. The guide is based on the SUCSESS project which funded a cooperative approach between universities in Finland, the UK and South Africa to share new and emerging pedagogies and new technologies for teaching in universities with a particular focus on developing employability skills and engaging with employers in the learning process. The pedagogies, teaching and learning tools and techniques were introduced via a series of workshops and training sessions, which were then adopted and trialled by the South African partners and contextualised to their needs. Firstly, by introducing the pedagogies and technologies with suggestions on how they be best used in a South African context and then illustrating by specific South African case studies. The focus is very much on the operationalisation of these pedagogies and technologies in a South African context. The intended audience is firstly teaching teams who wish to reflect and enhance the learning experience of their students and improve their employability. The handbook is also designed that an individual lecturer can find a practical guide to introducing and using these pedagogies and technologies in their own classroom with useful tips on how to overcome the challenges that may arise particularly from a South African context. 4