Success Project

Digital innovation Promote innovative thinking Impact digital innovation cycles Digital transformation Informal learning platform Meet likeminded people A means to engage on current issues Peer learning Chief leader: Sets the agenda of the hackathon - the goals to be achieved, and the purpose of the hackathon Mentors: These are usually business leaders or managers who require a tech innovation Judges: These should be people from outside the system who can evaluate the results produced by the teams Technical developers: Where a technology prototype is expected, it helps to have developers to work on the new idea Sponsors: Sponsors often fund the outcomes of these prototypes. They should be pursued The environment must stimulate thinking and collegiality and innovation The hackathon is about immersion Colours, music and seating must reflect the goals Test all the technology before hand Schedule comfort breaks and have food prepared Innovation labs today are good spaces to visit to experience a hackathon in practice Have extra-curricular activities The next section provides more details on the hackathon. 1. Purpose 2. Learning experience 3. Teams to have 5. Create an environment 40