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Collaborative projects in small groups in collaboration with tourism industry partners Reading groups on course materials Discussion groups during face-to-face lectures Project work on course topics Online discussion forums e.g., in MS Teams Online group discussions during an online lecture One-to-one reflection discussions Set up Café-style tables or another relaxed setting Provide food, beverages, music, art, natural light, and greenery Encourage informal conversation focused on key questions Allow time for silence and reflection Encourage members to “cross-pollinate” ideas and insights across groups Have materials available for visually representing key ideas —markers and paper Weave and connect emerging themes and insights Honour the social nature of learning and community building Help members notice that individual conversations are part of and contribute to a larger field of collective knowledge and wisdom Examples of how to use peer learning methods 4.2.4. Learning Café A learning café or world café is another collaborative and innovative method to collect data, information and knowledge about important issues through small group and large group discussions. In the learning café process, knowledge and understanding grows as it is created together around café tables. Since the setting of the café in this approach is rather informal, it enables the discussion of matters that are sometimes sensitive, obscure or hidden. It also enhances the fostering of new networks and social learning by constructing knowledge and understanding together (The systems thinker, 2023). The learning, or world, café is a natural way to have a conversation evoking the age old traditions of sitting in circles around a fire telling stories, making important decisions, trying to understand the world and imagining the future. In a world where remote and distant work is becoming ever more integrated into learning operations, face-to-face discussion (conducted in person or online) are still very important (The systems thinker, 2023). Learning, or world, cafés require a host whose only limit is her/his imagination. However, it is important to pay attention to the elements listed below in order to enhance discussions (The systems thinker, 2023): 46