Success Project

Flip is a free application (created by Microsoft) intended to facilitate video discussions. It is easy to use with mobile devices as well but requires registration by all the users. It provides a platform for making, editing and sharing videos within groups. Flip allows the creation of groups and topics within the groups, thus enabling the possibility to divide the class into smaller groups and to work on different topics during the learning event (course, etc.). 51 For introductions to the online course participants Creating short teaching videos by students Principles for what purposes the videos can and will serve should be clearly defined to all, for example, the confidentiality of the material and shareability outside the group Not all people are willing to record and share a video about themselves, therefore alternative methods of participation should be provided Examples of how it was used during the training for the SUCSESS project Things to consider before utilisation 4.4.1 Flip (previously known as Flipgrid) A few examples of different tools to use is presented next and also suggestion on how best to utilise them based on experiences from the SUCSESS project. It is advisable to first get the students familiar with the tools, e.g., via small tasks such as introductions or simple comments and then to proceed to more demanding activities. With easily shared links, many of the tools can also be utilized for collaboration activities with industry and other partners. Figure 4.3. Example of how Flip was used during the training of the SUCSESS project