Success Project

Figure 5.3: The three dimensions of the teaching portfolio Source: Tselepis, 2022. It is important that a teaching portfolio has all of these components in order to be perceived as authentic. The value-add or authenticity is not something that can be faked in a document and although the other components might be evidence-based, the true story of who you are as an individual is ultimately what makes the portfolio special and worthwhile. In this regard it is also the “magic” of the process that makes the tasks of compiling the portfolio worthwhile. 5.1. Where to Start The process is iterative and therefore some might find a certain place helpful to start, while others will find that another place is most helpful to start. For the purpose of this guide, a starting point is to begin with a purpose statement or your evidence at hand (some might actually start with gathering evidence from others first). Wherever you choose to start is not important provided reflection occurs at the early stages of the process. 61