Success Project

Reflecting on evidence Another first step may be to examine the evidence and what others have written, appreciated or celebrated about you. Reflection would again be critical at this stage in order to get to meaningful answers that inform your teaching. The following exercise can assist that thinking process: Critical question to think about What evidence do I have to show that what I teach makes an impact? (Here, you need to create a folder on your computer and accumulate evidence. Once you have a few examples of evidence, you may look at it critically and analyse the patterns that emerge. This is an ongoing process but you should get a good initial sense by looking through student evaluations and testimonials by peers) What do other voices say about my teaching? (Again, collect evidence. See Table 5.1: for examples) What consistent theme can I identify from the evidence? (Highlight words or themes that repeat in actual evidence) Where or what can I improve? (Review the evidence objectively and critical and pinpoint weaknesses) 63