Success Project

Facilitation Typically writing how and which teaching techniques are used by using the correct jargon Unpacking or at least naming the modules that are facilitated on which level in an illustration or written part Some videos or photographs of teaching Throughput rates can be evidence of effectiveness or show improvement of method where applicable with improved throughput An evaluation or report of a peer or Head of Department who observed your class or supervision or from teaching support service Student comments on your facilitation can be viewed as a voice to “testify” about facilitation or facilitator Material or course design Any teaching and learning material developed such as stimulating videos, well-structured learning guides, captivating Power Point presentations, self-learning tools or toolkits for students, written papers or guides or textbooks etc. Snap shots of BlackBoard pages that illustrate innovative sections or design or other software applied Some course design planning sheets or conceptual consideration in illustrations (for example mindmaps for planning) or written aspects form a teaching journal or even notes made to self when you designed the material Assessment Type of assessment described in narrative contextualization that explains strategy or the “why” (for example formative, summative, continuous etc.) Examples of assessments for example project briefs, tests, assignments, multiple choice examples, word puzzles or other short questions, group projects, industry or community projects, peer assessments (between students) and any other way of assessment Examples of marking grids, marking sheets or rubrics Examples of student work External examiners reports or moderators reports that show excellence A graph or illustration with assessment results accompanied by a contextualized narrative (in this regard, an improvement can also be illustrated after an intervention with assessment practice) Any comments that students might have made with regards to assessment can also be used to support the evidence and narratives that emerge. Future Plans We are targeting a profit increase of 15% by 2030. We are also planning to expand our physical space by 2035. Table 5.1: Guidance on what kind of evidence can be used in the Teaching Portfolio 64