Success Project

After reflecting, it is wise to look at what philosophy seems to underpin all aspects of your practice and strategies. Although some might want to start with the philosophy in the portfolio, a caveat is flagged here because the philosophy needs to align to what it is we actually do. It is very acceptable to be honest in a teaching portfolio and to declare that you discovered or identified your philosophy upon deep reflection. In so doing, all the evidence will actually align and the portfolio will give a true reflection of your practice. If you had prior knowledge of which philosophy you were using from the start, it is acceptable to state that too. However, the reflection process on whether it is truly mirrored in your work is as important aspect to write about. For this reason, looking at personal purpose and evidence is often a very good place to start. The tool below (Table 5.2) may be applied to guide thoughts and ideas on these philosophies. Once a philosophy is identified, it is recommended that further reading about the philosophy be conducted. 5.2. Teaching Philosophy Purpose of education Role of students Role of the teacher Teaching methods Curriculum Emphasis Perennialism: “The more things change, the more they stay the same” - Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr To teach students to think rationally and develop critical thinking Mastery of content; reasoning skills Teach students to think rationally and critically Teacher centred; lecture sequential;well organized Subject matterSequentia l(for example, arts and sciences) Essentialism: “Essentialism is not about learning more things; it's about learning the right things” - Greg McKeown Promote and instil cultural and historical thinking and knowledge Acquire cultural and historical knowledge Transmitting a series of progressively difficult topics and promote students to the next level Primarily subject and teacher centred methods Uniformed curriculum for all students; emphasis on subject matter and cultural/ historical knowledge Progressivism: “Education is not an end in itself but is the first step in a progress which should continue during a lifetime” -Caroline Pratt 67