Success Project

About me Include your personal purpose statement from the synthesis section as a powerful introduction to a teaching portfolio. My teaching philosophy Remember to add some scholarly articles once you have identified your philosophy to support your views and pinpoint some principles from the literature that you apply in your classroom. My teaching practice Draw from the section on analysis and the evidence in the reflective journal to tackle this part. Undergraduate teaching What do I do that works? Refer to specific teaching methods as well as the voices of others such as students, peers, moderators and evidence pointing to the results) What does not work? What can I change or perhaps take from others that might align to my way of thinking and doing? What is the one thing I can start doing now that can yield the change I want to create? What can I learn from others to address issues I experience? Are there other fields/disciplines I can draw from? Which principles need to be in place to promote my views/beliefs and thus my philosophy? Postgraduate supervision Here you may consider writing about the process, the people and the products (for example dissertations or publications). Again, cite your teaching philosophy and how it links to everything that you do. My impact and leadership in the field/discipline Internal community (involvement within your institution) Any committees, or boards or forums you serve on within the institution that link to teaching and learning in a direct or indirect. 70