Success Project

The preparation and assembling of the final food product (an occasional cake) took place during Kitchen/lab practical sessions. An industry partner was invited to assess and provide feedback regarding the commercial viability of a small business venture related to the food item produced. This was aimed at developing future Hospitality entrepreneurs. Product knowledge Technical culinary abilities Costing Marketing Selling the final product During the design sprint, there were mainly two significant challenges related to time constrains: There was insufficient time to train students on making use of Miro Inadequate time was allocated for Hospitality Degree students in the kitchen practical environment, limiting the amount of time that students had to prepare and decorate The implementation of the Design Sprint in the context of this assessment Learning objective/s: Executing a meal/ food product for a commercial enterprise from start to finish while making use of the Miro App for planning, board discussions and executing. Learning methods to be tested: Challenges encountered 1. a. b. their cakes. 75