Success Project

The University of Pretoria Campus Tours (UPCT) is a simulated business and experiential learning experience established in 2001. UPCT is also a credit-bearing module for an honours degree in Heritage and Cultural Tourism (HCT) in the Department of Historical Heritage Studies (DHHS) at the University of Pretoria (UP). As indicated in the Gap Report of the SUCSESS project, experiential and work-integrated learning is often difficult to accomplish with the time and cost constraints of industry partners. Thus, a student-centred enterprise that relies on students to drive the business in all activities, from marketing to human resources, was initiated to overcome capacity challenges. UPCT is a workintegrated learning project that gives the students real-life experience as the HCT honours students are charged with the operation, management and development of a tour operating business on the campus of UP. The students service several institutions and departments within UP, for example, the University Executive, Department of Institutional Advancement, University of Pretoria Museums, and all Faculties and Student Organizations as their client base. Students are required to develop their product, i.e., tours of the University campus by conducting research into the institution's history in the University Archives, study programmes and sites of interest available on the web and at the Student Centre. Students conduct the tours by taking tourists/clients to interesting landmarks and narrating information about a range of attraction features, from architecture to student hot spots, helpful tips for incoming first-year students and special interest tours of, for example, the botanical or sculpture collections on campus. Essentially, students use the UP campus as a tourist destination of delimited areas for various groups, from visiting professors to incoming students as well as the general public. Industry collaboration is also part of the process and takes many forms, for example, UPCT alumni in various positions and tourismrelated enterprises are invited as guest speakers or project partners. 6.2 Sprinting to innovative solutions: Design sprint as experiential learning tools, University of Pretoria Figure 6.2: A group of students and the cakes completed the design sprint in August 2021 77