Success Project

84 Zoom fatigue for students Loadshedding (lack of electricity supply) Difficult coordination of practical experiences for large student groups Challenges 1. 2. 3. Figure 6.7: Students participating in the Airbnb Academy Experiences There is growing evidence for the need of transformative competencies amongst tourism and hospitality students as a means to increase their employability and ability to create opportunities for themselves in the dynamic global economy. What has become apparent is that lecturers and facilitators have to be more deliberate and purposeful in their attempts to develop these competencies. Each module and its unique needs therefore ought to be looked at as a platform for enabling this exercise. As such, relevant teaching and learning methods need to be applied by lecturers in their appropriate contexts. Against this background, the SUCSESS project equipment, specifically iPads were considered an important tool to integrate into teaching research modules. The research modules at the level of third year are very strategic at the School of Tourism and Hospitality (STH) at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) owing to the importance of this group of students to feed into the postgraduate programs offered at the STH. Even in the event that the students do not pursue an honours qualification and beyond, it is expected that they should leave the university well rounded, better prepared and desirable to the industry. In a world where all forms of information are presented as being factual, the need for good researchers, who can sift through and identity correct and relevant information and then verify it cannot be overemphasised. 6.5 Use of iPads in research, University of Johannesburg Figure 6.6: The student below describes her experience after participating in the Airbnb Host Entrepreneurship Academy