Success Project

Digital collaboration As an advanced training space, the Digital Capability Lab will assist students in applying, exploring, and attempting analytics, digital, and lean solutions. From the classroom to the frontline, the lab empowers students to shift mindsets and behaviours and infuse theory with technology where it matters. The lab demonstrates the need for boutique education to instil higher order thinking capabilities. The lab does so by utilising digital collaboration. This is a teaching method that uses digital technologies for collaboration in the classroom and differs from traditional collaboration as it connects a broader network of participants who can accomplish much more together than they would on their own. Using the lab for digital collaboration, students share ideas and work in small groups. It allows pupils to work on their communication and listening skills. Digital collaboration helps students understand the importance of teamwork and togetherness. At its core, digital collaboration is collaborating and getting things done using technology and digital devices. Employability is enhanced with improved workplace communication, collaboration, content management, document management, and information flow across an organisation which leads to increased productivity and employee efficiency. Digital capabilities As the lab’s name suggests, it is a space intended to build digital capabilities and not simply skills. It’s important to distinguish between the two as the complexity of building capabilities is somewhat more difficult. Capabilities describe something that has the capacity to be realised but that has not yet been realised. For example, someone can be capable of becoming a manager but has not yet developed the competencies needed to be a manager. The lab, therefore, operates as an environment to build these competencies that our students are capable of performing. This conversation extract may serve to better illustrate the explanation: ME: HIM: ME: HIM: ME: HIM: ME: HIM: ME: HIM: Think of one thing you need to do in your job function I don't know, there's just so many of them. Just choose one. Something core and essential to what you do. OK, how about listening? Great, Listening is a skill. It is a single thing that you can learn, practice, and apply. It's also an essential thing for you to do in your job role. However, would you day that doing just this one thing drives your business forward? No, it wouldn't. It just that one thing. There's a lot more to my job than listening. You couldn't be successful with just listening. Alright then, what's another skill you do? What about asking good questions? I need to do that. So now you have "listening" and "asking good questions". If you add another skill, like "organising thoughts", you have the basis of a capability called "effective communication". A capability is a set of related skills that are needed to rapidly drive the business forward-in your case, you need to effectively communicate with customers in order to increase sales. Oh, I get it, that's easy to remember. 88