Success Project

The figures below depict the students VR experience. Figure 6.9: Student 1 experiencing VR “I could say that the VR experience was quite immersive in the sense that I got the opportunity to see because I'm a visual learner and as a visual learner it gives me an opportunity to see what is being taught”. “I can imagine myself in that situation which puts me in that situation even if I was not there” “See what is taught in class and experience it virtually” “Informative and portrayed knowledge in a short time span” “I know it's just like I could see the sky it was like oh my goodness I can actually see this guy, it was quite interesting to see that it was at 360 degrees, I think it was pretty awesome”: “Helps with assessments” “I feel like it also brings into the element of your creative side of your brain which now helps with more memory” “Yes, it fits with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it’s about moving with the times because also learning using old methods in the new world is not as efficient” “It’s effective especially for visual learners, it provides an opportunity to learn visually and immerse yourself in the situation because it stays in your memory longer helps retain the information” Students’ reflections on the VR experience: After all the students experienced the VR, the lecturer arranged a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with eight (8) students based on the VR experience. Below are some examples of the questions asked and answers provided by some students: Describe your VR experience? Do you think that this is a good tool for teaching and learning, research and why? Figure 6.10: Student 2 experiencing VR 91