Success Project

“I think it was very informative I think it helps more to like be in the situation and like you know kind of see the surroundings and everything” “More people can experience it at the same time” “See things at all angles, the use of different senses” “Being immersed in the environment” “Space was small” “We could not talk and interact with each other to discuss what we were experiencing” “Some of the videos were a little blurry” Consent forms need to be signed by participants prior to the exercise Video footage is of better quality when taken with the 360-degree camera and directly downloaded onto the VR headsets Some students were nervous to be immersed in the VR environment but managed to adjust after a few minutes Students need to be better orientated in using the handheld controls Students needed to watch the videos twice in order to capture the essence of the experience and the story line. This is based on the novelty of immersive experiences for our students and may not be the case once they are used to virtual reality. The development of the videos and 3D models is time consuming and expensive What did you like most about it? What did you like least about it? Observations made from the exercise: Challenges: XR technology offers immersion in the evolving three-dimensional environments which provides innovative research and instils education. Research becomes innovative by using XR as a tool for data collection through observations in the laboratory. The use of 360-degree camera footage taken from various research settings can be shared with a larger audience through XR thus bringing the real world to the virtual classroom/lab. This type of learning can be interesting and fun for both students and researchers. “Helps with assessments” “I feel like it also brings into the element of your creative side of your brain which now helps with more memory” “Yes, it fits with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it’s about moving with the times because also learning using old methods in the new world is not as efficient” “It’s effective especially for visual learners, it provides an opportunity to learn visually and immerse yourself in the situation because it stays in your memory longer helps retain the information” Do you think that this is a good tool for teaching and learning, research and why? 92